Yeah, that one doesn’t really work, but that’s what I’m going with anyway. This week we have three carnivals to share, including an editor’s pick.

The Festival of Frugality hosted by Ask Mr. Credit Card chose my post about farmer’s markets as an editor’s pick. I also recommend Think Your Way to Wealth’s advice for setting up a container garden. Hmmm, maybe I could buy a townhouse after all.

Next, the Carnival of Personal Finance #199 at ABCs of Investing. In addition to my post about donating to charity, I also recommend Get Money Energy’s tips for prospering in this economy. Simple, but a good reminder.

Finally, the Money Hacks Carnival #59 hosted by Greener Pastures. In addition to my post about setting up a toy exchange, I also recommend the Greenest Dollar’s tips for bartering.


2 Responses to “Spring is Famous for Duct Tape at the Carnivals”

  1. Greener Pastures on April 16th, 2009 4:20 am

    Thanks for the mention! There is something funny about duct tape. I guess a lot of people have used it to fix something or other in their lifetimes…

    Nice blog you have here. Think I’ll sign up for your feed.

  2. MoneyEnergy on April 17th, 2009 1:22 pm

    Yes, thanks for linking to my article! sometimes the simple points are the best – much personal finance advice falls under this category, actually, I think!:)

    I’m hosting the Carnival of Cashflow Consciousness – if you’d like, email me a link to a recent article on passive income/cashflow you’d like to include.

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