October 2008

How to make chocolate truffles

Quick and Easy Homemade Gift: Gourmet Truffles

So, how to make chocolate truffles? it’s almost Christmas and you’ve just realized you need one more gift. Before you brave the mall or bust your budget, go to the pantry and fridge for a cheap, quick, and easy gift: homemade truffles. You can also add them to your arsenal of homemade Christmas gifts with a little advance planning next year. Once you master the basic truffle recipe,…
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That Really Makes Me Stabby: Black Fridays Starts on Thanksgiving

We might as well dispense with Thanksgiving altogether and just enjoy an extra day of shopping. It’s certainly not going to be a happy holiday for those poor souls who work at Wal-Mart or other popular Black Friday destinations. After several stores announced that their Black Fridays specials would start at midnight (which is ridiculous, but still technically Friday), Wal-Mart is upping the ante. They will now open…
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Fun activitied to do at home

9 Nearly Free Ways to Entertain at Home

As I said yesterday, summer is a time for throwing parties. But, with all your money going into your gas tank, you might not have anything left for entertaining. Or you might just be bored and need something to do now that there’s nothing to watch on TV. Here are 9 nearly free ways to entertain yourself, your family, and your friends at home. Fun activities to do at…
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voluntay simplicity definition is having a simple life. a picture of a man and woman walking through the hills

What Is the Simplicity Movement?

What is Voluntary Simplicity? The other day I heard Vicki Robin refer to the Simplicity Movement in a CNN interview. She was brought on as the counterpoint to a man saying that it was our patriotic duty to spend money. Obviously, she didn’t agree. More than that, it started me wondering just what the Simplicity Movement is and how it works. It turns out, I’m already a follower.…
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Surviving the Great Thanksgiving Drive

I’ve been making the annual Thanksgiving Drive for 11 years. This year, we’re staying home for the holiday. Unfortunately, this is probably the year when traffic will be lighter! AAA estimates that 2% fewer people will travel this Thanksgiving. That’s a lot when you’re talking bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you do have to get on the road, see my previous post on long drives as well as these tips. Start Your Thanksgiving Drive…
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Of Monsters and Money: Fake Ways to Waste Real Money

When the Mafia Wars and Farmville games first rolled out on Facebook, I didn’t participate. In fact, I actively blocked all of those posts and updates from my stream. Now that Google + has rolled out games in a separate stream, I decided to see why people get so addicted to these games. As I played, I understood the addiction and the temptation to spend real money on…
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How to Set Up a Toy and Clothing Exchange

Last year I read a delightful book called “Shoe Addicts Anonymous.” In the book, four women are forced to go on budgets. Rather than give up great shoes, they form a club to trade them. Since it’s a novel, close friendships and major life changes ensue. You can do something similar, but without the major life changes, by setting up a toy, shoe, and clothing exchange with friends.…
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Thank You for Reflecting on the Economy – at the Carnivals

Another week, another dollar, another set of picks from this week’s blog carnivals. We’ve got three to share this week, so here we go. The Carnival of Personal Finance #195 at Stock Trading To Go. In addition to my post about planning a week of freezer menus, I also recommend StretchyDollar’s post about coupons being cool again. The Festival of Frugality #168 hosted by Funny About Money. In addition to my post about hosting a frugal…
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A Review of the Inaugural Address: Where Do We Go from Here?

Yesterday at 12:01 PM, President Barack H. Obama was sworn in. He then gave a 20-minute inaugural address. Like most speeches of its kind, it was large on grand phrases and hope, but a little light on solid promises. However, it did present a good picture of the direction we can expect our country to go during the next four years. It also held some promises for the…
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a girl reading simplify your life book,

Book Review: Simplify Your Life

I first read about Simplify Your Life book by Elaine St James at Zen Habits. I instantly ordered a copy from the library (in keeping with the theme.) I expected a heavy tome, but it came it at a mere 238 pages. It’s also only about 5 x 5, so it really is a small, simple book. It does contain some big ideas, though. Good Ideas for Simplifying…
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