January 2009

Punching Banks on Your Honeymoon – At the Carnivals

That sounds like a brilliant honeymoon activity right now! They could arrange whole package tours where couples go from bank to bank punching their blow-up logos. I’m sensing a growth industry. Even in good times, people still hate banks. But I digress… Carnival of Personal Finance #210 hosted by Suburban Dollar included my post about finding the right house . I also recommend Searchlight Crusades post about finding the right loan – if…
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a picture of a baby playing with mucial intrument (Essential Baby Items article)

Update on Cloth Diapering and Buying Baby Stuff

My baby is almost three months old and I’ve learned quite a few things about the realities of having a baby and what are the essential baby items that I should have. I’m still using cloth diapers, but my list of necessities has definitely grown! My baby turned out to be very fussy, as a result of a cow’s milk protein intolerance (it gets into breastmilk, so she…
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Tax Day Giveaway and How Will You Spend Your Refund?

It’s almost tax day. Have you filed already? Are you getting a refund or do you owe? If you’re getting a refund, how are you planning to spend it? Also, I have a special giveaway for you, my dear readers. Giveaway Details First, let’s start with a special Tax Day giveaway. On April 15, McCormick & Schmick’s restaurant locations nationwide will be featuring several $10.40 dinner specials in…
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Start Your Fitness Goals Now

I’ve been a long-time gym-goer, but my visits have been known to drop-off in January. Not because I’m lazy, but because the gym is ridiculously crowded at the beginning of January. The gym returns to its regular levels by the end of January. Here are a few more reasons why you should wait until the end of January to start your fitness goals. Swimsuit Season is Closer Sometimes…
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