February 2010

How to Get a Free Refi

If you’d like to get a free refinance, also called a no-cost refinance, I would start by calling a local broker. If you don’t know a broker personally, ask around. Someone you know does. Call them up and explain your current loan balance, interest rate, and income. Tell them you’d like to know if they offer a free or no-cost refi. How Can It Be Free? Obviously, it’s not…
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Superbowl of Frugalistas at the Carnivals

This week, we have a head-to-head match-up of blog carnivals. Who will win this battle of the titans? First, the 189th Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Taking Charge. Taking the field alongside my post about Obama’s priorities we have Tough Money Love giving his take on the new stimulus package. On the opposide, we have the Money Hacks Carnival hosted by Little Miss Know It All.  Taking the field alongside my advice for finding…
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Control Impulse Spending with the 10-Day Rule

Macayle had an additional recommendation after reading my 10-10-10 rule post:”I use the 10 day rule so you can add this to you 10-10-10 rule, if you like. For more major purchases, and even some minor ones: If I want it I make myself wait for 10 days. Then if I still need (or want) it I can buy it. This really works, as after 10 days you are no…
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