April 2010

How to Find Deals on Baby Stuff

Babies grow fast, but styles don’t frequently change, so it’s easy to find bargains on the essential baby gear. Those trendy diaper bags being carried by celebrities may not be available for a steal, but you don’t need that, so let other people be the fools who pay $400 for Posh Spice’s diaper bag. Baby Product Reviews and Bargain Recommendations First, I recommend buying the book Baby Bargains.…
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Tips for Buying Sporting Goods

Summer is synonymous with a lot of things, but two of them are sports and camping. Most children’s sports take place during the spring, summer, and fall months. Most family sporting events and sports-related vacations also occur during these seasons. Now is a great time to buy sporting goods, but only if you know how to get deals. Use these seven tips for buying sporting goods and camping…
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picture of a bowl of fruits and veggies for your weight loss Journal

Daily Food Diary Review: NutriMirror

We all have different reasons for watching out on what we eat. Some do it for health purposes but most of us do it for weight loss. That's why weight loss journal, diet journals or food and exercise journals are in right now. Food intake and exercise is a huge factor which affects our body weight. So by making sure that we keep track of what we eat…
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February Financial Goals Check-In

At the beginning of January, I set new financial goals for 2009. These goals aren’t quite as grand as our 2008 goals, but they’re still an important step toward our financial future. Though it’s only been a month, we’ve made some progress on several of them: Goal 1: Buy a House We haven’t bought a house yet, but we have started visiting open houses and received a loan estimate from…
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10 Tips to Survive Wedding Season without Going Into Debt

These days, weddings happen year round, but spring through early fall are peak wedding season. If you’ve got invitations and save-the-dates stacking up on your fridge, you’re probably already wondering how you’re going to afford it all. Use these ten tips to survive wedding season without going into debt or using up all your spare cash. Set a Wedding Budget Budgets aren’t just for brides. You probably already…
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