2011 Resolutions

It’s that time once again when I determine my resolutions for the year. So here goes. Let’s see how I do by the end of the year.

Bump My Retirement Savings to 5% of Income

This will be my personal 401K, not a joint goal. I think since I’m getting the extra 2% back from the government, I can turn around and give it to myself without noticing. It’s a small step, but my husband’s student loan payments are rising by $500/month this year, so our usual surplus will be a bit lower.

Add Another $5000 to the Emergency Fund

We did well last year, but between our FSA contributions, my 401K contributions, and his higher loan payments, I don’t want to guarantee more than an additional $5000 in case other expenses arise.

Replace Our French Doors

I’m actually iffy on this one. We wanted to do it this year, but had a plumbing emergency. We were considering it for 2011, but I just learned the tax deal eliminated most of the tax credit for replacing windows. On the other hand, the doors open into the house and limit our ability to place furniture. They also were cut wrong and have a ¼ inch gap at the base that bugs crawl through, in addition to wasting energy. So, if we have the money, we’ll replace them with vinyl sliders that look like French doors.

Plant My Yard

This one is definitely going to happen. We’ve already decided who we’re going to hire to build our steps and plant grass at the top. I know where my vegetable garden is going. We just need the rain to stop so we can actually start preparing the yard!

Take Care of Miscellaneous Household Improvements

There are several minor things I’ve been wanting to do since we moved in a year and a half ago, like install a motion-sensitive porch light next to the front door and build shelves for the closet. Now that I have a circular saw, the latter will definitely happen. If I can get my act together, the former will happen, too.

Take a Vacation

This is an easy one. My husband and I haven’t taken a vacation since December, 2008. After last year, we really need one. We won’t do anything as extravagant as that Belize trip (although that trip was actually pretty cheap). We’re keeping it simple with a drive up the coast and maybe a trip to Vegas.

So there it is, that’s six. It was a bit of a stretch, but I think it’s a good start. What are your resolutions for 2011?

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