May 2011

Singles at the Office in Oz – at the Carnivals

This week we have three great carnivals to share, so I’ll dispense with all other talk. First, the Carnival of Personal Finance #191, hosted by Dollar Frugal. My stabby rant about about retail sales growth was an editor’s pick. I also recommend Bret Frolich’s post about common sense being back in style. It’s about time. Second, the Festival of Frugality #164 at Broke Grad Student. Once you follow my advice to buy a frugal Dutch…
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Donating for the Japan Disaster

Japan was the first disaster I made a donation for this year. Somehow New Zealand completely slipped my mind. Perhaps because it wasn’t in the news much. As usual, I made my donation to the Red Cross’s disaster-specific fund. They will use the funds for the response to the earthquake, except in the rare case where they receive more than they need. If that’s the case, they’ll apply…
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should i get vision insurance, a picture of glasses and a book

Should I Get Vision Insurance

I’m extremely near-sighted and have sensitive eyes, Should I get vision insurance? It depends, but I’m fortunate that my employer provides vision insurance. If you don’t have it, it may not be worth it to buy it on your own, but you should take advantage of it if your employer offers it. Ask your HR department for details of your plan, but this is a review of what…
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Six Products Not to Buy Generic

When I’m at the grocery store, “buy generic” is my typical mantra. Nearly everything at Trader Joe’s is store-labeled anyway. At Ralph’s, I see no reason to send an extra $2 for name-brand sugar. But there are other items I will never buy generic. Maybe these are just my prejudices, but in my experience some things are better with the brand name. Canned Tomatoes I tried using generic…
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That Makes Me Stabby: Rude Crazy Coupon Ladies

I love couponing. I’ve waxed poetic about the awesomeness of coupons on this site more than once. I’ve even been known to send friends links to really cool coupons involving free chocolate. However, there is a right way to use coupons and a wrong way. You don’t want to be the crazy coupon lady irritating everyone in line behind you and the cashier. Thus, today features a new stabby post all…
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Beggars with Wise Sayings at the Carnivals

This week’s blog carnival selection includes just two fine carnivals. First, the Festival of Frugality #163 hosted by My Journey to Millions. He called out my Valentine’s Day post, as well as Bargaineering’s similar take on the romantic holiday. Second, the Carnival of Personal Finance #190 hosted by Funny About Money. In addition to my post about 100 ways to go green, I recommend Wide Open Wallet’s 100 uses for vinegar. Finally, it’s not a carnival, but…
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