July 2012

The Best Way to Cook Dried Beans

I’ve tried several methods for cooking dried beans, and have had mixed results. Then I happened upon this method, which produced tender beans in about three hours. I use this to cook a whole 1 pound bag of beans at once, then I freeze them with their soak water in the same portions as canned beans (about 15.5 ounces.) When I need them for a recipe, I defrost the beans,…
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Summer Spending and Travel Tips at the Carnivals

This week two blogs chose me as editor’s picks, so I have two favorite favorites. We shall rush forward without further delay to my picks from their picks. The Festival of Frugality #131, hosted by Broke Grad Student, chose my post about 13 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Summer as an editor’s pick. If you liked that, you’ll also enjoy You Need a Budget’s 8 tips for avoiding summer spending. (Glad I’m not…
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