November 2012

How to Buy Discount Clothes

I never pay full price for clothes unless I’m buying a gift for someone else (and even then, I save if I can.) I know many people buy their clothes on consignment or at closeout stores like Ross and Marshall’s, but I’m not one of them. I always find shopping at these stores to be more effort than it’s worth. Instead, I stick to stores I trust. Major…
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How to Use Real Estate Websites to Hone Your Research

If you search for real estate or homes for sale, you’ll find dozens of websites vying for your attention. In my research, I’ve found that I consistently visit just a few of these sites. Here are my favorite research sites, each with a different purpose. Preliminary Real Estate Research I like to use Cyberhomes to do my preliminary real estate research. Although I sort of know the neighborhoods I want…
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2 person writing and explaining on a wooden table for fsa claims

Tips for Filing FSA Claims

I’ve only recently begun filing FSA (flexible spending account) claims, but I’ve learned a few things on How does FSA works. How do FSA Claims works? So again, How does FSA works? Well, Here are some of the few things I've learned along the way. • Use Your FSA Debit Card If you have an FSA card, swipe it first, it works! My HR department recommends using it…
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Save Money on Your Wedding with a Wedding Budget

Once again, we’re at the height of wedding season. We’re also at the height of engagement season. This week, I’m focusing on saving money on your wedding. Weddings are expensive, and many brides are looking for ways to cut costs, so I’ll look at the big things where you can save the most, as well as the simple things that add up. Today, we start with the budget.…
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Making a Budget Plan is the First Step

Today’s post is a guest post from Peter at Bible Money Matters.  For the better part of a year I’ve been blogging about frugality and finances. As a side-benefit of blogging about money, we’ve ended up paying pretty close attention to our family budget. Because of our planning and attention to detail we’re doing pretty well now. But it hasn’t always been that way. A couple of years ago…
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Jar of Coins for the article Best financial calculator

Reviewing the Popular Financial Calculator Sites

If you search the web for “financial calculator,” you’ll find hundreds of sites. Many of them present calculators borrowed from other sites, some present calculators that are at best difficult to use and at worst inaccurate. Then there are a few sites that offer simple, powerful calculators. Here are my favorite calculator sites. Best Financial Calculator Sites 1. General Financial Calculator Sites Several sites offer a wide range…
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What to Do with a Tax Refund

Tax refunds have started rolling in. Although the IRS told us not to expect our until mid-April, they actually sent it already. I quickly transferred that baby to our savings account where it will earn a few pennies until we start buying furniture. This year’s refund is expected to average $3036. So what should you do with it? Here are a few tips: Pay Off Debt If you…
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Unfrugality of the Week – I Got a Droid

So, it finally happened. I committed the most unfrugal act of getting a smartphone. However, I still managed to squeeze a bit of frugality into it, even though it’s a big budget change. Not only did I buy a smartphone, but I had to break my current contract and pay a $70 termination fee to do it! However, buying my husband a replacement phone for four months would…
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