March 2013

How to Be a Bad Customer

I’ve seen several blogs encouraging people to haggle over prices and push for discounts, but there comes a point when you’ve gone too far. It’s one thing to ask for a discount. It’s another to try to cheat the person you’re dealing with. The “it’s a big company” argument doesn’t work – they still have employees and vendors to pay, and can’t do that if everyone demands a…
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7 Easy-ish Steps to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Okay, you’ve set your financial goals, or fitness goals, or personal goals, for 2009. You’ve recorded the list somewhere you’ll remember to check. Now what? Here are seven easy steps to help you achieve any goal, but especially financial goals. Make Sure Your Financial Goals Are Reasonable We all have grandiose goals – I’d like to save $4 million dollars for retirement. But that’s not on my list of…
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Tips for Hiring Home Maintenance Contractors

Since we bought a foreclosure, we have to do more than the typical amount of maintenance a new homeowner is responsible for. Although the bank did the termite work (apparently a rarity with foreclosures), we have to trim trees, repair the roof, and fix a few other things that turned up in the inspection. While scheduling the work, I’ve learned a few things about hiring contractors. Get Referrals, Search Yelp,…
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