February 2020

Does My Boyfriend’s Income Count For Medicaid?

So imagine this: you and your boyfriend are living together. You’re thinking of applying for health coverage under Medicaid, but you’re afraid that your combined income might be judged as being “too high” to qualify for Medicaid. That begs the question, does my boyfriend's income count for Medicaid? The answer to that depends on how your “household” is defined under Medicaid rules. This definition follows who’s in your…
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Does Medicaid Cover Braces? And Some Alternatives.

It seems like most kids will need braces at some point. The problem is, braces can be incredibly expensive! In fact, Oral B reports that metal braces (the traditional kind) can cost between $3,000 to $7,000. Yikes! But here’s great news for families struggling to make ends meet: Medicaid does cover the cost of braces. However, there are some criteria that you have to meet. These are things…
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