April 2020

What Are Some Healthy and Cheap Grocery List For College Students?

A student’s life is demanding. You’ve got a hectic class schedule, numerous home assignments, reports that need to be accomplished, presentations that need to be designed well, dissertations that you have to research on, group discussions that you need to attend, not to mention the extra-curricular activities that you need to participate in.  Thus, there isn’t much room for meticulous self-care and meal cooking. Your life is all…
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How To Get A Man To Spend Money On You?

In relationships, the balance of power is pervasive. Whether you are still dating him or tied the knot with him, that “power struggle” exists. Men ‘weaponize’ their money to obtain the women they want. Women, with so much refinement and talent, employ their femininity and craftiness to “reign” in the hearts of the men of their dreams. Here are a few ideas on how to get a man…
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Will Medicaid Pay For Getting Your Tubes Untied?

Getting your tubes tied is a big decision, and not just for the physical discomfort and the contraceptive permanence. In fact, getting your tubes tied is one of the most expensive medical procedures that many women face every day, especially since women inherently have more of a risk with sex than guys do. After the procedure, many women may decide they do want kids and might consider having…
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