The Olympics is Going Back to School in the Carnivals

After a three week break due to traveling, the weekly blog carnival roundup returns! This week I have four carnivals to share.

The first is The Carnival of Personal Finance #165 hosted by No Debt Plan. In addition to my post about a new car repair estimates tool, you might also enjoy Save and Conquer’s instructions for changing a car battery.

The second is Festival of Frugality #13 hosted by Bored Finance. In addition to my first post about frugal grocery shopping, you might also enjoy Briana’s post about coupons for all things, not just food.

The third is the Money Hacks Carnival #25 hosted by The Personal Financier. In addition to my post about the grocery price book, you might also enjoy Chow Spice’s four simple ways to save money on food. I’m becoming very curious about the new slow cookers.

The final is the Carnival of Money Stories #72 hosted by Broke Grad Student. In addition to my post about not saving money on groceries, you might also enjoy Living Almost Large’s debate about whether a $4 ice cream cone is frugal (for her thighs, yes it is.)

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