Magazines and Labor Day at the Carnivals

This week was a short week, but we still managed to get out three good personal finance carnivals. Here are my selections from them.

Money Hacks Carnival #28 hosted by $aving to Invest included my post on withdrawing from a Roth IRA tax-free. If you liked that, you might also enjoy My Retirement Blog’s tips for unconverting a Roth conversion.

Next up, the Carnival of Personal Finance #168 hosted by One Caveman’s Financial Journey. In addition to my post about 8 frugal Labor Day activities (just remember them for next year), you might also enjoy Not Made of Money’s end of summer bargains.

Finally, the Festival of Frugality hosted by Almost Frugal.  In addition to my debate about whether I should be spending more on food, you might also enjoy Living Well On Less’s revelation that she’s theworld’s worst couponer.

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