Celebrity Last Sentences in the Fall at the Carnivals

Before we get into this week’s carnivals, I want to remind you that I will be hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance on Monday. Use their submissions form to submit your favorite post from the last week or so.

And now on to this week’s carnivals. First, the Carnival of Personal Finance #170 hosted by The Personal Financier. In addition to my post about planning ahead for Christmas, In Debt Because I Like Nice Things reminds us to plan ahead for winter heating costs.

Next, On a Quest to be Debt Free hosted the Money Hacks Carnival #30. In addition to my post about  what you shouldn’t buy generic, you might also like FreebeeznDealz’ post about getting free makeup samples – so you never have to buy, let alone make the generic choice.

Finally, the Festival of Frugality #143 at Living Almost Large. If you liked my post about frugal fall foods, check out My Daily Dollars’ long-term meal plan, which is based on incorporating seaonal foods into a basic structure.

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