Meltdowns and Gratitude at the Carnivals

Another Friday, another carnival round-up. These are my picks from three of this week’s carnivals.

First up, the Festival of Frugality #145 hosted byValue Your Life. He chose my post making the Case for Frugality as an editor’s pick! I also enjoyedThe Enhance Life’s post about impulse buying. If you’ve decided to say no to consumerism, read this post to learn how to outthink the triggers.

Next, the Carnival of Personal Finance #172 hosted by DebtKid. In addition to my post about the best financial advice my dad gave me, you might also enjoy The Wisdom Journal’s post about getting back to the financial basics.

Finally, the Money Hacks Carnival #32 hosted by The Financial Blogger. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to load right now, so I can’t share any goodies with you.

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