Cyber-Monday is Living Large at the Carnivals

Personally, I didn’t think Cyber-Monday was that big a deal this year. Everyone I know who shopped online did it on Black Friday, when the online retailers were also offering deals. Nevertheless, this week’s blog carnivals include an event in honor of the pretend shopping day (pretend in the sense that Cyber-Monday was PR move created three years ago.)

First, the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Mighty Bargain Hunter. In addition to my post asking the timeless question: To gift card or not to gift card, I also recommend The Happy Rock’s tale of his single Black Friday experience.

Second, the Festival of Frugality #154 hosted by Living Almost Large. In addition to my post about making your holiday wish list to save other people money, I also recommed I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill’s handmade gift ideas.

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