Dr. House Hands Out Free Money and Hope at the Carnivals

I love creating these wacky title! It’s one of the best parts of my week (I do realize what that says about my week.) This week, I’ve got three carnivals to share, and away we go.

The Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Free Money Finance. In addition to my post about first-time homebuyer panic, I also recommend Moolanomy’s analysis of whether or not you should pay off your mortgage early.

The Festival of Frugality #167 hosted by Green Panda Treehouse.  In addition to my post about reconsidering your subscriptions to save money, I also recommend My Life ROI’s tips for saving $4,000 a year. Hint: it includes subscriptions.

The Money Hacks Carnival hosted by the Penny Daily. In addition to my post about tax software costs, I recommend Christian Personal Finance’s advice to deduct the expenses related to volunteer work.

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