The World Record for Hosting on April Fool’s – at the Carnivals

I’m particularly pleased with that title. So, without further ado (except for this ado), here are the carnivals.

The Festival of Frugality hosted by Paid Twice chose my post on the tool sharing database as an editor’s pick. I also recommend Recession Depression Therapy’s advice on what to plant now. Use your shared tools!

Next, the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Wide Open Wallet. In addition to my post about hosting a spa party, I also recommend Passive Family Income’s post about the other benefits of eating at home (aside from saving money.)Your spa party can include a cheap, at-home meal.

Finally, the Money Hacks Carnival hosted by Ask Mr. Credit Card. In addiion to my post about hosting a garden share day, I recommend Money Ning’s new way of thinking about the cost of things.

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