Lao Tzu Goes to the Playoffs this Spring – at the Carnivals

I think that’s something I actually want to see. Do you think he’d win? What sort of playoffs are we talking? I can see baseball, maybe not football, though.

This week we have three carnivals to share, so we’ll kick things right off.

The Carnival of Personal Finance #202 hosted by Fire Finance. In addition to my post on cheap summer vacations, I recommend Keep My Dollar’s list of cheap things to do with your kids.

Next up, the Festival of Frugality hosted by Paycheck Chronicles. In addition to mypost about 5 ways to go green in a bad economy, Family Balance Sheet has several more ways to save your wallet and the earth.

Lastly, the Money Hacks Carnival #62 hosted by Financial Highway. In addition to my tips for keeping your credit cards active, I recommend Destroy Debt’s tale of his recent credit limit reduction, below his current balance. Yikes!

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