Punching Banks on Your Honeymoon – At the Carnivals

That sounds like a brilliant honeymoon activity right now! They could arrange whole package tours where couples go from bank to bank punching their blow-up logos. I’m sensing a growth industry. Even in good times, people still hate banks.

But I digress…

Carnival of Personal Finance #210 hosted by Suburban Dollar included my post about finding the right house . I also recommend Searchlight Crusades post about finding the right loan – if you can’t find an affordable loan for the long-term, it’s not the right house.

Festival of Frugality hosted by Financial Highway included my post about  keeping your head in a real estate bidding war. I also recommend Bible Money Matters post about using the first time buyers credit as a down payment or to cover closing costs if you’re doing an FHA loan.

Money Hacks Carnival hosted by Blogging Banks included my post about  saving money on travel. I also recommend Studenomics post about being a great host for travelers.

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