The French Are Frugal about Books – at the Carnivals

Eek, it’s moving week! My computer will be dismantled at some point tomorrow and who knows when it will be set up again (or more specifically, what time on Sunday it will be set up again.) I’m already freaking out a little about the lack of a computer. Nevertheless, I have some blog carnival highlights to share.

First, the Carnival of Personal Finance #217 hosted by Almost Frugal chose my post about creating a wedding budget as an editor’s pick. I also recommend Debt Tips’ post about the actual cost of raising kids, since kids usually follow a few years (or less) after a wedding.

Second, the Festival of Frugality hosted by It’s Frugal Being Green. In addition to my post about saving money on wedding photography and albums, I also recommend The Homemaking Helper’s tips for a budget bridal shower. Pass it on to your friends.

Third, the Money Hacks Carnival hosted by Personal Finance by the Book. In addition to my post about DIY wedding invitations, I also recommend Miss Bankrupt’s analysis of Kindergarten school supplieslists. Not because I have a Kindergartner, but because I find these demands for masses of school supplies astounding.

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