7 Things You Should Always Buy New

For many items, like cars and houses, buying used is a good idea. In some cases, though, used is not better. Here are seven items you should always buy new.


The problem with used shoes isn’t related to hygiene, it’s related to fit. Shoes conform to our feet over time, which means that used shoes have molded to someone else’s foot and won’t provide you with proper support or comfort. The only exception might be expensive stiletto heels that you can have resoled and relined. Then the only part you’re buying used is the pretty strappy part on top.


If possible, always buy a new, custom-made helmet. Even if you’re just buying an off-the-shelf helmet, never buy it used. Many helmets can only withstand one serious accident, and you have no way of knowing whether that used helmet has been in a crash.

Car Seats: 

Car seats should only be purchased new for the same reason. You also shouldn’t accept hand-me-down car seats from other people. A car seat handed down from your own child is fine if you know it wasn’t in an accident.


Mattresses are expensive, but a good one will last you at least ten years. If you buy a used mattress, you’ll probably have to replace it sooner. It may also contain bed bugs or other nasty beasties that come out at night. Finally, like shoes, mattresses conform to our bodies over time. A mattress someone else has slept on for the last year or two is already imprinted with their body shape and may not provide you with the right support.


Underwear should be bought new for obvious reasons. Bras should also be bought new. Not only does the strap elastic wear out after about six months, but the cups may have conformed to someone else’s shape and not provide you with the right support.


Although cribs are usually used gently, it may be subject to a recall or it may have hairline cracks you can’t see. If you do buy used, always go look at it and check Recalls.gov before agreeing to the purchase.


You often see used makeup on eBay, but it’s really not a good idea to buy it. First, makeup expires sooner than you think. Mascara lasts about three months and lipstick about a year. Second, they often contain bacteria. They don’t hurt you when they’re your own germs, but you don’t want someone else’s eye infection. Makeup artists suggest cutting off the tops of lipsticks if you do want to buy used, but I would recommend always buying eye makeup new.

Although most other items can safely be bought used, your health, safety, and body will thank you if you buy these seven items new. Is there anything else you would never buy used?

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