how to organize a potluck dinner? Here is a picture of people enjoying different food in the table

How to Organize a Potluck: 9 Easy Tips

Tis the season of the potluck. So, how to organize a potluck? Well, Potlucks are great if you want to save money and still have a feast, but they can also spell trouble if you don’t organize them properly, there ought to be some rules as well. To save you from a meal starring ten liters of soda and no dessert. 9 quick tips on How to organize…
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Do You Spend More in the Summer?

I always think that I’ll spend less in the summer, but somehow, it’s always more expensive than I expect it to be. You’d think I’d learn from that. So, in my attempt to do just that, I’ve come up with some theories about why summer spending patterns are higher than expected. Fresh Summer Food Grocery budgets for foodies and regular eaters alike go up in the summer. It’s…
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Forget the Analog Conversion: How the Digital Cable Conversion Affects You

If you’ve watched TV, listened to the radio, or driven past a billboard in the last six months, you hopefully know that analog broadcast signals were turned off today, and you now need a digital converter or digital TV to receive television signals over the air. You were probably assured that you didn’t need to do anything if you were a cable or satellite subscriber. Oops. I learned…
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Seven Steps to a Frugal Holiday Open House

Most people have several holiday parties to attend in the month before Christmas, which makes it difficult for anyone to attend one single party for several hours. However, that can work to your advantage. Let your guests off the hook by hosting a holiday open house. Not only is it fun and less work, but you can save loads of cash without looking cheap. When your guests are…
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Should You Start Hoarding Forever Stamps?

The USPS recently announced that they want to raise the price of stamps AGAIN. Now, technically, they’re only allowed to raise the price of stamps in accordance with the inflation rate, but this 2-cent increase is far more than the inflation rate.The Postal Commission will have to approve the increase, but you may be wondering why this keeps happening and what can be done about it. Why Does…
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How to Break Your TV Habit

I watch about 11 hours of TV a week at this point. In the fall, I’ll probably be down to 5 or 6, the way the networks are scheduling. My goal is to limit my viewing only to those shows I really love. But how do you break the habit of plopping down and just watching whatever is on from 8-11? Summer is right around the corner, and…
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Fun activitied to do at home

9 Nearly Free Ways to Entertain at Home

As I said yesterday, summer is a time for throwing parties. But, with all your money going into your gas tank, you might not have anything left for entertaining. Or you might just be bored and need something to do now that there’s nothing to watch on TV. Here are 9 nearly free ways to entertain yourself, your family, and your friends at home. Fun activities to do at…
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Reduce Your Family Entertainment Cost

There are a few TV shows I love. I make an appointment to watch them every week, but I don’t watch much TV beyond those. But now I have a problem – because of the writer’s strike, most of those shows I watch are off the air. A few of them have only recently started, but I know they’ll be gone in a few weeks, too. I’m so…
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5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and Decorations

Halloween is just a few days away. Have you finished your costume yet? Have you decorated your house yet? If not, here are five last minute Halloween costumes and five last-minute decorations to get you by. Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Just in case you haven’t looked at a calendar, or you got invited to a party at the last-minute, here are five ideas for cheap, DIY costumes you can…
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picture of a crown watching in the cinema for IOUSA

Scariest Movie of the Year: IOUSA

I read about “IOUSA” a few weeks ago in Money Magazine, but it’s not yet on DVD. Then I happened to see that CNN would be airing it January 10 and 11. On went my DVR. A few hours later, I sat down to watch it. Up went my heart rate. If you want to watch a truly scary movie, this is the film for you. IOUSA Summary and…
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