Marriage and Money

Six Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is exciting and frightening, and it’s easy to get carried away in the moment. Hopefully you and your intended have already laid everything on the table before you even considered taking the next step, but if you haven’t, take some time to ask yourself and your intended these five questions before a ring is in the mix. Do You Want Kids? How Many and When? So…
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Is Money a Relationship Deal Breaker for You?

Today features a guest post from Living Almost Large. She has an interesting perspective on relationships and money – something we should all consider before we walk down the aisle. Hi I’m LAL from LivingAlmostLarge and LAL Musings. I am a twenty-something DINK writing who writes about personal finance and everything else. I am searching for true financial freedom and the ability to one day “Live Large”. I recently hosted…
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My Husband’s Savings Breakthrough

It takes my husband a little longer than me to get around to enjoying the process of working toward our financial goals. He understands why we’re doing it, he just wishes we could “live a little more.” I don’t fault him for wanting to have more of a life, but I would get frustrated that he didn’t understand why I was pushing so hard to save money. It started…
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