New Year: Time to Reassess Your Financial Tools

Hopefully you rebalanced your investment portfolio at the end of 2009 to capture tax losses, but you can do it now if you haven’t already and have those losses for 2010. However, you should look at more than just your portfolio. It’s time to look at all the places you keep money to make you’re not being hit with new fees. Review Your Checking Account If you have…
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What Is a Credit Union?

In my post about the advantages and disadvantages of moving your money to a small community bank, I didn’t address credit unions, which are also an alternative to the big banks. Credit unions and banks will feel similar to the average customer, but they are actually quite different, so here’s what you need to know. How Do Credit Unions Work? A credit union is a non-profit financial institution. Rather than…
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a man holding a small piggy bank

How Much Money Should You Keep in One Bank?

How Much Money Should you have in your Savings Account? Now that you’re confident your accounts under $100,000 are safe and you don’t need to pull your money out of the bank, you might be wondering how much money you should have in your savings account? Then check out the list below. Keep Less than the Maximum Insured Amount Personally, I wouldn’t keep anywhere near $100,000 in cash anywhere,…
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