Credit Cards

Stop Credit Card Offers in Ten Minutes Flat

I stopped most of my junk mail and catalogs several months ago. If you did the same, then you’ve probably seen a significant drop in your junk mail. Some days we don’t get any mail, and my husband hasn’t even registered yet! This week I took the bold step of stopping the last of the junk mail I receive: credit card offers from my own banks. Why I Stopped the…
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Credit Card Security in Action

There have been a few occasions in my life where I’ve had a credit card issuer call me a few hours after making a purchase to confirm that I was the one who’d used my card. This weekend, American Express went one better. I was a little put out, but also pretty impressed with the fast action. Credit Card Purchase Confirmation It happened at Cost Plus, when I…
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credit card purchase protection, a picture of credit cards and a lock with code on top

How Credit Card Purchase Protection Saved My Friend $800

I’ve seen many personal finance blogs and books rail against the evils of credit cards. Dave Ramsey, for example, has a very negative view of credit cards. I’ve always been in the “credit cards are good” camp, if you use them wisely. However, there’s a very good reason NOT to pay cash for big-ticket electronics: Credit Card purchase protection. My friend used his credit card to buy a new…
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Are Credit Cards Tools?

Yesterday, I started this discussion about the dichotomy between credit lovers and credit card haters. Some people believe credit cards are evil, while others consider them simply to be tools.  Yesterday I covered the evil side of things, today the tools side of things. The “Credit Cards Are Tools” Camp I fall firmly into this camp. Before anyone attacks me, I have had credit card debt, twice. I entered…
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Why You Don’t Need Overdraft Protection

Yesterday marked the first day that banks had to ask your permission before automatically opting you in to overdraft protection when you open a new account. They have until August 15th to beg existing customers to keep the coverage, at which point everyone who doesn’t actively choose it will be opted out. Some banks, like Bank of America, are abolishing their overdraft protection program altogether. As for the rest, don’t…
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