How To Get A Man To Spend Money On You?

In relationships, the balance of power is pervasive. Whether you are still dating him or tied the knot with him, that “power struggle” exists. Men ‘weaponize’ their money to obtain the women they want. Women, with so much refinement and talent, employ their femininity and craftiness to “reign” in the hearts of the men of their dreams.

Here are a few ideas on how to get a man to spend money on you and how to get a man to spoil you:

Be The Best ‘Bundle’ Of Joy For Him!

Men like to have value for their money. So aside from showering him with attention and affection, be discerningly stylish and self-assured. Make yourself well-informed of current events. Become a good cook and prepare his favorite dishes. Discuss with him about his pet topics –from his favorite basketball team to crashes in the stock market. Always meet him with a sincere and affectionate smile. Show him your cleavage without being slutty. Initiate loving and passionate sex and surprise him by doing it in unexpected places (inside the car in the middle of traffic or in the comfort room of a busy train station). When you’ve become the ‘ultimate package,’ your man will kill for you and die for you. Most importantly, he’ll spend all his hard-earned money on you like there’s no tomorrow.

Solve His “Morning Problem”

Almost all men have a hard-on early in the morning. This is a problem to many considering that not all women (who happen to be beside them in bed when the problem occurs) are understanding enough to “resolve” it. So, if you happen to have a partner who constantly has this predicament, it would be a very good idea to help him feel “relieved.” Make love to him even when you’re very sleepy or if you’re not in the mood, find ways to resolve the issue. If you do this, you’ll be like “manna from heaven” to him, he will be at your beck and call, and he’ll do anything you want which includes spending lavishly on you whenever or wherever you need it. Because as clever women say, the stomach is no longer the best way to a man’s heart. That’s a passé. Today, the best way to a man’s heart is making him cum till kingdom come.

Be A Fountain Of Enjoyable Surprises

When was the last time you gave him a surprise gift? If you couldn’t remember, then probably you haven’t placed him on the upper part of your priority list. Amaze him with a cute non-material gift even when it’s not his birthday. For example, wake him up with a breakfast-on-bed treat then conclude the sumptuous breakfast with gratifying fellatio. Your man will remember that forever. Or what about treating him to an island vacation for three days? Then make him feel like he’s the king of that paradise.

It’s an investment alright, however, if you make him feel that you’re ready to lavish on him with great experiences, he will return the favor and will treat you like you’re the queen who’s worth all his money, his time, and his efforts combined.

Be Faithful And Loyal

No man would spend his hard-earned money on someone he sees as unfaithful or disloyal. Show him that all men (however attractive they may be) will pale beside him. Or make him feel that in all circumstances, you will be on his side no matter what.

Show him that while you’re not a biased person, you’re also someone who’s ready to take the cudgels for him when the going gets rough with him. Thus, when he sees that he can count on you at all times, he knows it won’t be a waste to place “all his eggs in one basket” which is you. This means that it won’t be a problem for him to withdraw money whenever you need it or make an instantaneous loan because you have a financial problem that needs to be resolved.

Make him feel (and think) that you are his best investment and because you are a definitive asset, he has to make the asset grow and glow by investing more in you.

Be Straightforward

The old maxim saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ never gets outdated. It worked before when computers were still unheard of, it is still true today, and will always work in the future. So be frank with what you need, when you need it, or why you need it. Especially when you’re with your man and especially when the talk is about money.

When a guy sees that you’re candid and truthful, he’ll lower his guard and defenses whenever he’s with you. That isn’t because he has become stupid, it’s just that he knows he’s safe with you.

If you need him to buy something for you, tell him outright about it (in a loving manner of course). Explain to him why you need it and expound to him the possible consequences if you cannot have it. For example, you need to buy a new laptop. You know that he can afford it so you tell him about the need. With that request, you also enlighten him that if you cannot have a new laptop, work for you will become too stressful (e.g. because the laptop keeps on hanging), your reports cannot be accomplished on time which means your job can be jeopardized.

In doing this, you appeal not just to his emotions but also to his logical mind. So, make sure he understands the urgency of the need. One thing that you should never do is to presume that he understands immediately why you need a new laptop. Spend time explaining. Once he fully understands the ‘why,’ he will go out of his way to meet your needs, in fact, he might volunteer to buy additional accessories that he thinks will help you complete your tasks faster and will make your work easier to accomplish.

Be His “Angel”

While your man will always show that he is capable, in reality, there are a lot of things that he cannot do that you can with finesse and with a lot of ease. So, if your man is having difficulty accomplishing something, be on his side and assist him. Or if there’s something he needs to have but don’t have the time to procure it, volunteer to find it or buy it for him. He’ll love you for it.

However, never flaunt that it was you who made everything possible or doable. That may hurt his ego. Just make him feel that he was really capable of doing it except that there were constraints. That will still make him feel/think of himself as capable but with human limitations. Also, never brag that if not for you, he won’t be able to accomplish anything. Show him that you’re happy to be of help and that you will do it again and again because it pleases you to do things for him. When your man sees you like that kind of person, he will conclude that you are someone worth spending all his money on.


Wanting your man to spend money on you doesn’t mean you’re a gold-digger. Gold-digging is when you ask someone to spend on you without doing anything in return. It is like bleeding someone dry. It is getting money with the intention to drop the other person like a hot potato in the near future when the coffers have gone empty.

The suggestions above run contrary to gold-digging in the sense that you first make the investment before getting anything of value. Its like business. You’ve got to shell out something first before the business can materialize and come to full fruition. “Shelling out something first” does not necessarily mean “money out first.” It means “making the first move” or “doing the first steps” before acquiring what you need to get.

 If you want to achieve something good on anything, make the FIRST MOVE.

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