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Keep spending in check
The 10-10-10 Rule for Spending

The rule is simple: before you make a decision, ask yourself: “What will the consequences of my options be in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years?” by Suzy Welch

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Update your budget
Semi-Annual Household Budget Update

Our cash flow budget is updated monthly, and sometimes more than once a month, but we haven’t updated our spending since February.

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Get debt busting ideas
That Makes Me Stabby: Credit Card Debt Forgiveness

In case you haven’t heard, a consumer group and financial services group requested that credit card issuers be allowed to forgive some of the debt

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Buy a Home
5 Decisions to Make Before You Move

As we inch closer to closing on our house, I’m working down our checklist of minor decisions to make. If you’re planning to move into a house here are a few things

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How Frequently Should You Replace Your Stuff?

Here is a 10 minute video from Bright Side explaining the 10 reasons why you buy useless stuff and how often does it happen. They talk about the Diderot effect which is a term for when you buy something new that makes your other possessions look worn-out by comparison — so you end up replacing them too. Click read more below to know more about how frequently should you replace your stuff


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Life was easy. I grew up an only child of middle class parents in the suburbs. Money wasn't a problem - my parents made sure I never went hungry.

But all that changed when I graduated from college and moved in with my boyfriend. At first I thought, "finally, I'm going to be an adult!" But the excitement quickly gave way to horror. Student debt, rent, groceries - they all seemed to eat away at my paycheck every month.  Appliances kept breaking. It seemed like something needed fixing every week...

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