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Life was easy. I grew up an only child of middle class parents in the suburbs. Money wasn't a problem - my parents made sure I never went hungry.

But all that changed when I graduated from college and moved in with my boyfriend. At first I thought, "finally, I'm going to be an adult!" But the excitement quickly gave way to horror. Student debt, rent, groceries - they all seemed to eat away at my paycheck every month. Appliances kept breaking. It seemed like something needed fixing every week...

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Keep Spending In Check

The April issue of Glamour Magazine features a short piece by Suzy Welch explaining the theory behind the 10-10-10 rule. The rule is simple: before you make a decision, ask yourself: “What will the consequences of my options be in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years?”

Semi-Annual Household Budget Update

Last February, I showed you our monthly household budget and our cash-flow budget. Our cash flow budget is updated monthly, and sometimes more than once a month, but we haven’t updated our spending breakdown since February. Given the drastic changes in our debt load, and rising costs for gas and food, I decided to see how we’re doing seven months later.

That Makes Me Stabby: Credit Card Debt Forgiveness

In case you haven’t heard, a consumer group and financial services group requested that credit card issuers be allowed to forgive some of the debt of credit card holders, it is called Credit Card Debt Forgiveness

a picture of credit card for credit card debt forgiveness

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