Let’s build sound financial habits together!

So that you can live your best life possible!

I grew up painfully middle class. I never needed or wanted for anything. But I didn’t realize how good I had it till I moved out and had to fend for myself. 

Soon I found that even keeping myself alive seemed impossible! Rent took out half of my paycheck and student debt took out another chunk.

For the little I had left, it seemed like there was always some financial emergency that would wipe it all out. It felt like I had the worst luck. 

Appliances would break. I’d have to make an emergency trip back home to see a sick relative. You know, that kind of thing

At the time, it seemed that what I needed was more money. So I looked around everywhere for a higher paying job. 

I sent out my resume for half a year. But no one seemed to want a linguistics and history major! 

In desperation, I started to read blogs to find out how other young women like me were able to get by. I learned so much about budgeting, couponing, and saving. 

By implementing what I learned, I soon realized that I could make do with the salary I was already on. It was like a light bulb went on in my head! 

I started this blog to share what I’ve learnt over the years with you. I hope it brings you encouragement and hopefully some laughs!