Home Buying

Unapproved vs. Approved Short Sales

This weekend I’m going to look at a short sale. I’ve looked at several short sales, but most of them have been listed as approved short sales. This one appears to be unapproved. If you’re in the market, it’s very important that you understand the difference, because one could close within the regular time-frame, and the other could take months to close, if at all. The Short Sale…
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A Home Buying Checklist

Six Tips for Setting Your Home Buying Criteria

As a first-time home buyer, I want to make sure I find the right home. I’ve realized that determining my criteria is an important first step. If you plan to buy soon, follow these home buying checklist to set your criteria and steer your search to the right homes for you. There’s no sense wasting time on the wrong houses once you start to look in earnest. Some…
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