Financial Advice

Does My Boyfriend’s Income Count For Medicaid?

So imagine this: you and your boyfriend are living together. You’re thinking of applying for health coverage under Medicaid, but you’re afraid that your combined income might be judged as being “too high” to qualify for Medicaid. That begs the question, does my boyfriend's income count for Medicaid? The answer to that depends on how your “household” is defined under Medicaid rules. This definition follows who’s in your…
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Tips for Achieving Financial Stability Throughout Your College Years

Understanding how to properly budget is not a strength possessed by many college students. Unless you are working your way through college in order to pay for your studies, there’s a good chance you have no idea what the real world is actually like. There are so many college grads who enter the real world without a clue on how to manage finances.   As soon as a college…
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