Free Personal Finance Software: Mint Review

We’ve been using Quicken 2005 for several years, but recently it alerted us that it will no longer download our banking transactions after May 1. That means we either have to upgrade to Quicken 2008 or switch to one of the free personal finance software packages. I decided to check out Mint, Yodlee, and Wesabe to see how they compare against Quicken. Today I’ll cover Mint. How Mint Works…
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Happy Holidays from Sound Money Matters!

Happy holidays! After today, the blog will be dark until Tuesday. I’m taking a few days off to relax. I’m done my shopping, baking, and wrapping, but here are a few quick tips if you’ve still got work to do: When shopping for last-minute gifts, remember your budget! Need a last-minute gift and don’t want to shop? Try these quick gift ideas. Suddenly in the mood to bake? Try these cookie…
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