What are Your Options When you Need Immediate Cash

Instant cash loans, selling items, and career changes are compared in this quick guide assessing immediate cash options. 

In this economy, there is a range of reasons why someone might need cash fast. Emergency support during times of hardship are often highly effective forms of insurance, while others might want a way to get their monthly bills paid during financial hardship. If you are experiencing an employment lull, or if you want to pay off some of your debts, there are a lot of options available for immediate cash. 

Fast Cash Loan

One of the most commonly used instant payout schemes is a fast cash loan. These are in place for when you need money right away, and are easy to apply for. One of the benefits of these loans is that they often don’t require credit checks, which take varying amounts of time to complete.

Most people will compare interest rates of these loans and look for the lowest interest rates, since that tends to be where credit companies will earn their money. Credit card cash and home equity loans are some of the most common forms of instant cash. A lot of credit card companies offer a cash option, and it can be as easy as heading to an ATM.

Obviously, one of the biggest setbacks with this is the need to repay the amount plus interest when applicable.

Additionally, you could contact your current credit card supplier and ask for a cash advance. Depending on your contract and previously agreed terms, you might be able to get cash now and pay for it in your later bill. Of course, the added complications include interest rates potentially rising, but it can be a reliable option if you have a good credit provider. 

Home equity loans are a little different. This is mainly for those who are considering moving or selling their home, as it is calculated by comparing the total amount owed through the mortgage, and the value of the house. While this can be beneficial as there are lower interest rates that come with using your home as a security feature, it often takes a longer time to process. This means that it isn’t the most time efficient form of instant cash. 

Sell Unused Items

Another highly effective way to generate immediate cash is to sell some of your possessions that you no longer need or use. Spare electronics, unused gift cards, and clothes are some commonly sold items that people enjoy decluttering. A benefit of this method is that there is no need for repayments, as it is a more straightforward way of simplifying your life. 


A modern twist has been to ask for money online. A commonly used site is GoFundMe, which is particularly useful for those who might be wanting to work on a particular project.

There is no harm in asking, and you could show people how their money will be spent. People ask for funding for all kinds of things, from gender reassignment surgery to community projects. Obviously, a possible limitation of this is the fact that you need to have a valid reason for wanting cash.

It also usually takes a little time to see bigger amounts of money generated, as crowdfunding relies on trends, hashtags, and social media. For this reason, crowdfunding might not be the most time efficient way of getting immediate cash, but it can still be a good option for those who need it. 

Consider a job change 

If you find yourself relying on loans to keep your head above water with your monthly bills, you might need to find a better paid job. Whether you want to ask for a pay rise, or look for a different job that has better rates, there is no harm in considering a career change.

In addition to this, more people are beginning to work part-time on top of their regular job. Some have even set up small businesses known as side hustles by profiting from their hobbies and passions. 

You could drive for Uber, work evening shifts in a local grocery store, or even set up your own business if you think that you have a service people will pay for. It can be rewarding in the long run, however it is hard work to begin with and often takes a while to see any bigger amounts of cash coming in. 

To summarize, there are a few different directions that you can go in when it comes to earning a little more money or seeking cash. Some involve a little more work than others, and each have their own individual pros and cons. This is why it depends on your current situation and need for money to decide what will work best for you.

It is worth weighing out the long-term benefits and drawbacks of each option, as well as the short-term. Put simply, loans often come with limitations and high interest rates, which is why it’s worth doing your own research and making an informed decision.

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