Friday I saw a flippant post that listed ten things not to buy at the dollar store. It so ticked me off that I’ve decided to create a list of ten things you should buy at the dollar store.

Kitchen Towels
If you’re looking to replace paper towels, hit the dollar store to buy cheap kitchen towels. Even if they only last a month or two, that’s still cheaper than paper towels.

Party Supplies
Hosting a party? Skip the dollar store where paper plates and plastic cups cost a fortune. Even the grocery store is too steep. Instead, stock up at the dollar store. It’s not like these things have to last a long time.

Kid’s Party Favors
I know some kids give out fancy favors, but I was always happy with the cheap plastic doohickeys I got as a kid. For a dollar, you might even to be able to “splurge” on larger toy favors.

Pregnancy Tests/Ovulation Tests
Here’s a little secret: many of the dollar store tests are the same tests used by doctor’s offices because they can get them in bulk. Some of them are actually more sensitive than the “real” tests you can get at the drugstore. My friend who took fertility medication told these dollar tests come in handy when testing frequently. Then she bought a “real” test when she saw a positive. Why spend $60 a month on tests when you can spend $6? She recommended the “Dollar Tree” brand.

Personal Care Travel Sizes
Drugstores usually have a travel size aisle, too, and sometimes these items are less than a dollar, but sometimes they’re not. Try the 99-cent store to see if you can find travel sizes for less if you’ve got a long trip planned.

Trendy Makeup
If you’re dying to try this year’s new blue eye shadow or saw a daring lipstick in the fashion magazines, skip your drugstore’s $5 eye shadows and head straight for the dollar store. You don’t want to spend too much money on trendy colors that you might hate or that will go out of style before you use them up.

Hair Ties, Clips, Combs
Anything you’ll be using to pull your hair back at the gym or shower should be cheap. I seem to run through my stash of hair elastics really quickly, so I buy them at the dollar store where I can get a bunch at once. Then I can keep them everywhere – in my purse, in my desk, in my car, in my gym bag.

Wrapping Paper
Why does wrapping paper cost so much? The recipient is just going to rip it up anyway. So, hit the dollar store for your gift wrap and gift bags unless you find a super deal at Costco or Target after Christmas. There’s just no reason to spend $6 on a roll of gift wrap.

Household Cleaners
Is Comet really better than the no-name brand? Is Mr. Clean better than the “Ms. Clean” brand at the dollar store? No. Household cleaner is household cleaner. If you’re not making it yourself and not a super-couponer who can get it for free, then hit the dollar store for your household cleaning supplies.

Paper Goods
If you’re still buying paper towels, then get them at the dollar store unless you’re a coupon maven who gets her paper towels for free. The same goes for toilet paper.

Yes, there is a lot of junk at dollar stores, but a lot of the stuff that seems like junk is actually a pretty good deal. Shop carefully and don’t overbuy just because it’s a buck.


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