September 2010

The Olympics is Going Back to School in the Carnivals

After a three week break due to traveling, the weekly blog carnival roundup returns! This week I have four carnivals to share. The first is The Carnival of Personal Finance #165 hosted by No Debt Plan. In addition to my post about a new car repair estimates tool, you might also enjoy Save and Conquer’s instructions for changing a car battery. The second is Festival of Frugality #13 hosted by Bored Finance. In addition to…
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Smiling through the Recession – at the Carnivals

Another week, another three blog carnivals to share. Hopefully you’ll find some great tips like I did. First up: Money Hacks Carnival #39 hosted by Moolanomy.  In addition to my post about travel games, I also recommend Christian Personal Finance’s tips for saving money while eating out. Sometimes there’s no avoiding eating out, especially when holiday travel is involved. Next up: Festival of Frugality #152 hosted by Financial Wellness Project. In addition to my…
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Everbank Account Holders : Check Your Terms

A few months ago, I posted that I loved Everbank for its high rates and good customer service. Well, the bloom is off the rose, as they say. This weekend while reading Consumerism Commentary, I learned that they increased their minimum monthly balance to $5,000 and raised the monthly low-balance fee to $8.95. I checked online, and it did indicate the new limits, so I called the bank. They said the…
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