How to Join an Adopt-a-Family Program

This morning I received an email from a single mother of three who is out-of-work and struggling to pay her bills. She wanted to know how she could sign up to receive help from an Adopt a Family Christmas Programs. That email broke my heart. I did some research and sent her a few resources in her location. Unfortunately, I fear that there will be many more families receiving from an adopt-a-family program this year, and many fewer families supporting these worthy charities. If you can afford to help out less fortunate families this year, please do. Please see my previous post about Christmas charities to find out how my extended family supports needy families.

If you or someone you know needs help this Christmas, here’s how to get it.

Where to Find an Adopt-A-Family Program

Most adopt a family Christmas programs start requesting donations in early November, which means needy families must be found before then. If you’ll need help this holiday season, contact your local resources now to be added to the rolls. Start with these resources:

Local Church

If you’re a member of a local church, ask the pastor if they have community support program. Many churches have programs that provide financial support to member families in need. At Christmas, they also include those families in their food drives and gift drives. The recipients are usually anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassment. However, if you’re active in your church, fellow congregants may be even more generous if they know they’re helping “one of their own.”

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army operates Christmas programs around the country. If your local church doesn’t offer a program, contact the Salvation Army to find out how your local program works. Visit their site to find your local branch, then call and ask to speak to the person managing their Christmas charity drive.

Child and Family Services Department

Each county or state operates a Child and Family Services department. Often these departments provide lists of families in need to local charities. If your family is struggling, contact your county office to find out what sort of help is available to you. If they can’t help you directly, they can help you locate the office or program that can. To find your local county’s office, either look at the front of the white pages under “government,” or search for your county and “family services” in Google. Example: “los angeles local adopt a family services.” If you’re struggling, they can also help you enroll in food and medical benefits programs.

Google an Adopt a Family Christmas Programs

Finally, you can simple enter the name of your city or county next to the words “adopt a family” to find programs in your area. For example, “los angeles adopt a family for Christmas” or  “adopt a family for the holidays.” Call several to find out if you qualify for their program.

With so many families seeking help this year, it may be more difficult to qualify, so keep trying until you get the help you need. And for those of you who are doing okay this year, please give to an adopt-a-family program if you can.

Editor’s Note: Due to several comments that included personal, identifying information, I’ve closed comments on this post. If you need help, please contact the resources below. I can’t personally help you get the support you need.

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