Cash Rewards, Saving, and Slashing at the Carnivals

It’s Friday, which means it’s carnival round-up day! This week we once again have three carnivals to enjoy.

First up, the Money Hack’s Carnival #13, hosted by Moolanomy. In addition to my post about credit card purchase protection, you might also enjoy Credit Addict’s advice about cash back rewards cards. I don’t have one of those, but I’m thinking about getting one.

Next up, the Festival of Frugality #126 at The Financial Blogger. In addition to my post on saving vs. spending on makeup, you might also enjoy Paid Twice’s advice about teaching a spender to save.

Finally, the Carnival of Personal Finance #153 at Money and Values. In addition to my post about 12 ways to save money on gas, you might also enjoy All About the Ben’s 6 ways to slash energy costs.

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