Hackers, Savers, and Tanks at the Carnivals

Another week, another set of carnivals. Once again, we have three. That seems to be my magic number.

We’ll kick off with the Money Hackers Carnival #7 at Mommy Gets Paid. In addition to my post on the foreign transaction fee settlement, you should also read Generation X Finance’s Signs You May Be a Victim of Tax Fraud.

The next carnival was the Festival of Frugality #120 at A Penny Saved. In addition to my post about clearing clutter to free your money, you might also enjoy Save and Conquer’s advice for avoiding impulse buys. My take: impulse buys become clutter!

The final carnival was the Carnival of Personal Finance #147 at MoneyNing. If you liked my post about the new gas mileage ratings, you’ll really enjoy reading about Lazy Man and Money’s dream car: the tank. Talk about bad gas mileage!

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