Surviving the Squeeze and More at the Carnivals

This week I was only in one carnival, with a friendly link from another. was down on Friday, and I forgot to submit the rest of the weekend! I was planning to submit to four, so boy am I mad at myself.

What does that all mean? We have a briefer carnival round-up this week.

I was able to submit to the Carnival of Personal Finance #151, hosted by Alpha Consumer and U.S. News. In addition to my post about zombie debt, you might also enjoy the Baglady’s exploration of the nuances of good and bad debt. I think we can all agree that zombie debt would be the worst kind.

The Festival of Frugality #124 linked back to me as last week’s host. Thanks Frugal for Life! If you enjoyed my tips about air conditioningBe Thrifty Like Us has additional tips, which she learned from her HVAC repairman, aka her dad.

And that concludes our round-up. Check in next week when I have more carnivals to cover!

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