Insurance, the Rich, and Labor in the Carnivals

We’re back in full carnival swing this week! We have three carnivals to review.

We’ll kick things off with the Carnival of Personal Finance #152, hosted by Money Under 30. This one included my post on car insurance. If you liked that bit of car advice, you might as like $aving to Invest’s post on preparing for $5 gas. Yikes.

Next up, the Festival of Frugality #125, hosted by Quest for Four Pillars. This one included my post on renter’s insurance. If you can’t find the money for the insurance, try Personal Money Tips 10 ways to save money.

Finally, the Money Hacks Carnival #12, hosted by Can I Get Rich on a Salary. If you liked my tips on selling or donating your clutter, you’ll also enjoy Free Money Finance’s tips for saving money by stockpiling. When the pantry’s full, it’s time to start donating!

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