Debt Reduction in the Summer at the Carnivals

It was a busy week at the blog carnivals. This week I have four round-ups to share, so here they are.

First up, the Carnival of Debt Reduction #143, hosted by Moolanomy (Pinyo’s been busy). He chose my May debt reduction progress as an editor’s pick. If you liked that post, you might also enjoy Nate David Scott’s debt progress.

Next up, the Carnival of Personal Finance #156 at PTMoney. In addition to my post about saving money on student loans, you might also enjoy My Money Plan’s 10 tips for new grads.

Our third carnival is more of a festival: the Festival of Frugality #129 hosted by Bored Finance. In addition to my post on frugal cultural events, you might also like My Money and My Life’s 20 more frugal or free activities.

Last up, the Money Hacks Carnival #16, hosted by Daily Money Hack. In addition to my post about paying bills while on vacation, you might also enjoy PT Money’s suggestions for optimizing your international banking while traveling.

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