Checking Accounts, Insurance, and the Holidays at the Carnivals

This week we’ve got four carnivals in the line-up, so I’ll just dive right into them.

First, the Carnival of Personal Finance #169 hosted by BankerGirl. In addition to my post about how couples should talk about money, Money Smart Life launches into the debate about joint vs. individual checking accounts. I fall into the joint camp – it’s a joint marriage, and your money is joint, too.

Next, the Carnival of Money Stories #76 hosted by The Copyeditor’s Desk. In addition to my post on my August debt reduction progress, you might also like Gather Little by Little’s story about the dumbest thing he ever spent money on, and the debt it created.

Third, the Money Hacks Carnival #29 at Living Almost Large. In addition to my post about open enrollment periods, check out Fix My Personal Finance’s list of ridiculous types of insurance. I will argue with him about wedding insurance, though. We live in earthquake country. It cost only $250 for the piece of mind that our expenses would be covered if the wedding had to be delayed or cancelled due to a natural disaster.

Fourth, the Festival of Frugality #142 at Frugal Babe. In addition to my post about planning Thanksgiving travel early, Not Made of Money discusses starting to save for Christmas now.

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