Recipes, Retirement, and Halloween at the Carnivals

This week we have four carnivals to share. Okay, maybe I went a little overboard, but I got on a submission binge.

First up, the Festival of Frugality #146 at Dollar Frugal.  In addition to my post about ridiculous food commercials, you might also enjoy Frugal Upstate’s Pizza Hut Clone Recipe.

Next up, the Carnival of Personal Finance #173 hosted by Girls Just Wanna Have Funds. In addition to my post explaining why you shouldn’t empty your 401K right now, I also recommend, Save and Conquer’s loose tooth analogy for the way most investors are acting.

Third, the Carnival of Money Stories #79 hosted by Living Almost Large. She included my post about my $37,000 debt success. If you need more inspiration, check out SoCal Savvy for a tip on saving $680 a year.

Finally, the Money Hacks Carnival #33 at Fix My Personal Finance. If my post about cheap Halloween costume ideas didn’t include the right costume for you, try the Bargain Queen’s ideas for Halloween costumes made from stuff you already have.

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