Jane Austen, the President, and Frugality at the Carnivals

It’s a new day, a new life, a new Pres, etc., etc. One thing (okay many things) didn’t change though. It’s time for a blog carnival round-up!

First, the Carnival of Personal Finance #188 hosted by Pecuniarities. This week, my rant about claims that we have an obligation to spend was an editor’s pick. Thanks! I also recommend Free From Broke’s Just Enough is Not Good Enough – we all need to make an effort to go above the minimal expectation.

Second, the Festival of Frugality#161 hosted by Money Ning. In addition to my post about IOUSA, I recommend The Well Run Dry’s post about the media’s War on Frugality.

Last, the Money Hacks Carnival #48 hosted by Pimp Your Finances. In addition to my post about frugal winter projects, I also recommend Secrets of Money’s ways to reduce your energy bill.

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