Last Minute Tax Filing Is an Accomplishment – at the Carnivals

Hey, that one actually makes sense! I have to admit, I don’t understand waiting at the post office to file your taxes on paper at the last minute. Why not just use a computer and push the “send” button. If you owe taxes, you can use the automatic withdrawal method to avoid the line, or actually fill out your taxes months earlier (it takes an hour if you have more than W-2s) and then mail the check the weekend before. No waiting necessary!

And with that bit of advice, we launch into the carnivals. This week we have three.

First, the Carnival of Personal Finance #200 hosted by MoneyNing. In addition to my post about how we save 25% of our income, I also recommend Automatic Finances’ post about establishing a “Once in a While Fund” for semi-annual expenses.

Second, the Festival of Frugality hosted by Stretchy Dollar. In addition to my post about frugal spring foods, I also recommend Recession Depression Therapy’s Frugal Egg Challenge – I’ve been wondering if backyard chickens really were cheaper.

Third, the Money Hacks Carnival #60 hosted by the Consumer Boomer. In addition to my post about how my parents taught me about money, I also recommend Prime Time Money’s post on a 4th grader’s perspective on the road to millions. Smart kid!

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