Memorial Day and Family Vacation – at the Carnivals

Okay, everybody in the van. It’s time for the annual family vacation, wherein the kids fight in the backseat, everyone’s miserable, and someone gets left at the gas station. Sounds fun!

Or we could just recap this week’s blog carnivals.

First, the Carnival of Personal Finance #206 hosted by Greener Pastures. In addition to my post about what you would do if the bank made an error in your favor, I also recommend Money Ning’s article about knowing what to do when the opposite happens so you can dispute it successfully.

Second, the Money Hacks Carnival #66 hosted by Passive Family Income. In addition to my post about stupid banks, I also recommed My Life ROI’s tips for avoiding identity theft, because right now the banks have enough to deal with – they can’t protect you fully.

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