Musing about Gold Transformers – at the Carnivals

Another week, another set of three carnivals.

First up, Living Almost Large presents the 209th Carnival of Personal Finance.  She named my rant about the Cash for Clunkers program as an editor’s pick. In addition, I recommend Punch Debt In the Face’s debate about whether using credit cards will send you to hell. My answer: no. It’s just a tool people, not a sin.

Next, the Festival of Frugality #102 hosted by Stupid Cents. In addition to my post about homemade microwave popcorn, I also recommend Thrifty Jinxy’s tips for reducing your baking costs – including a great one for making your own self-rising flour. I would totally do that if it weren’t for my food intolerance.

Last, the Money Hacks Carnival #69 at Own the Dollar. In addition to my post about buying gold, I also recommend MoneyNing’s tips for including CDs in your portfolio.

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