An Adventure Getting a Burn Notice in Canada – at the Carnivals

A bit of an early blog round-up this week because I’m taking tomorrow off from blogging. Yay vacation!

This week, we first have the Carnival of Personal Finance #211 hosted by Green Panda Treehouse. In addition to my post about tax credits motivating you to buy something, I also recommend Financial Highway’s debate about the meaning of money.

Next, the Festival of Frugality #184 hosted by My Frugal Adventures.  In addition to my post about affordable ways to update your home, I also recommend Frugally Green’s tips for getting the most out of your appliances.

Finally, Money Hacks Carnival #71 hosted by the Canadian Finance Blog. In addition to my post about getting a second opinion on your first home, I also recommend Affine Financial Service’s discussion about title insurance.

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