The Carnivals Never Stop

This week I tried a couple new carnivals in addition to the Festival of Frugality. We’ll start with the one that made me an editor’s pick!

The Carnival of Money Hacks #3, hosted by My Dollar Plan, chose my post on Managing Car Expenses with a Goodyear Card as an editor’s pick. If you liked that, you’ll also enjoy these tips for saving gasfrom Fire Finance.

The Carnival of Money Stories #50, hosted by Quest for Four Pillars, featured my post about our debt breakthrough. If you liked that, check out how Millionaire Money Habits decided to become financially free.

And finally, the Festival of Frugality #116, hosted by the Green Panda Treehouse. She featured my post about reading being frugal. If you liked that, you’ll also like Marc and Angel’s 11 practical ways to spend your money.

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